black and white wgIt has become increasingly clear as reports and documents have become available under pressure from community, museum professionals and heritage experts that Parramatta is not getting a museum it was promised but a monster flexible event space with residential level that will demolish our already diminishing heritage assets with WillowGrove and St Georges Terraces.

We recommend you read this analyses on the designs the government has on display which clearly outline we are not getting a Museum at all – read here

There are thousands of pages of consultants reports in the EIS on display (for only 28 days)  but NPRAG along with professionals we have sort opinions of have put together a simple guide on how to make a precise and effective objection to this project.

YOU ONLY HAVE TO JULY 7th to make a SUBMISSION to SAVE WILLOWGROVE please act today!

Whether it is because you want to save the heritage, or you believe its the wrong location due to the flood risks or it isn’t the museum you think Parramatta should have.  All points are relevant and we need as many unique voices from all over NSW to be heard.

Download your guide to making your submission and steps you should follow here

NPRAG have been strongly campaigning for the Museum of NSW to be created in the Fleet Street Heritage Precinct instead of closing the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. You can read our rationale document here – and learn about our alternative site here

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Clive Lucas, who took over the trust presidency last month, told The Advertiser Parramatta had to be careful of overdevelopment.

“I do think the Parramatta domain and that land where the hospital and jail is, should be seen as a sacrosanct site. Parkland, that breathing space, is so important,” he said.

“Historic buildings are all capable of being converted into other uses. The Powerhouse Museum for example, could be incorporated to be built in that area,” he said.

Dr Lucas was a founder of the conservation architectural firm Clive Lucas, Stapleton and Partners.

He is the former chair of the Historic Houses Trust of NSW, Australia ICOMOS and the Furniture History Society (Australasia).

Dr Lucas played a role in the conservation of some of the most significant buildings in Australia, including Elizabeth Bay House and the Hyde Park Barracks.

He said his new role would see him take a keen interest in Parramatta.

“If Parramatta is going to preserve its identity, it needs to have its historic buildings. The National Trust will keep an eye on what’s going on and where appropriate make a protest. It’s not just about preserving the historic buildings but also to preserve around them,” he said.

Speaking about the State Government’s North Parramatta development, Dr Lucas said it should remain as open space.

“I am certainly against building tall buildings there in North Parramatta but I think the old buildings there should be converted to something else.

“The rest of Parramatta is naturally going to grow. The problem is many of the early colonial buildings are small in scale and they look a bit stupid if you build tall skyscrapers beside them.”

He said zoning around historic buildings should take into account their heritage.

“The council should put guidelines in place to preserve the surroundings of the buildings and provide a buffer zone or allow for some sympathetic development,” Dr Lucas said.