The North Parramatta Residents’ Action Group was formed in January 2015. This was in response to the public exhibition in November/December 2014 of the Parramatta North Urban Renewal [PNUR] Project proposal by UrbanGrowth NSW to rezone and effect changes to State and Local planning legislation relating to the Cumberland and Sports & Leisure Precincts contained within the PNUR Project site.

Members of the group quickly mobilised and organised a highly successful Public Rally held on February 2015. The event gained the media’s attention and was attended by local and State elected representatives, with addresses by historians, politicians and of course, local residents.  The purpose of the event was to raise awareness to the broader community of the proposal and its implications and to seek a Pause from the State Government to enable further consultation with a view to creating a dialogue about alternative visions for this nationally significant site. We believe that such a genuine dialogue was never allowed to happen through the process undertaken by UrbanGrowth NSW last year.


The Association’s Aim is:

To promote the preservation and activation of Parramatta’s publicly owned parklands and public landscapes in order to enhance the historical, cultural, economic and social capital of our city, while showcasing it to the world.

The aim will be pursued via these objectives:

  • Protect and enhance the historic buildings and sites of the Parramatta Local Government Area;
  • Work to protect sites of Australian historical significance, and those listed as World Heritage sites;
  • Oppose the over-development of Cumberland Hospital and Parramatta Park precincts;
  • Support retention and public ownership of existing active and passive recreation sites, including Parramatta pool;
  • Advocate for improved public transport commensurate with residential development;
  • Ensure that heritage conservation takes priority over developer profits;
  • Promote transparent and consultative planning processes;
  • Provide information to members of the Association, and facilitate communications with external bodies and agencies when required;
  • Support other organisations whose aims are consistent with NPRAG;
  • Involve the Association with other specific activities, which may emerge from time to time, consistent with these objectives.

Since the February Rally, the group has engaged in the following activities

Organisation of and presentation at Public Forums, 26,000 flyers hand-delivered, generation of countless local and broadsheet newspaper articles, participation in community and ABC 702 radio interviews, TV coverage on Australia Wide, ABC and Channel 7 news, proposal awareness campaign at the March State elections, presentations regarding the proposal supported by our 3D graphics to community and business groups, implementation of site tours, hundreds of letter and emails sent in pursuance of the campaign and meetings with Ministers, Members of Parliament and the legal fraternity to argue our case.


In August 2015 we secured an extension of an existing Green Ban from the CFMEU on just 9ha of the Female Factory to cover over the entire 32 ha Cumberland hospital site. View the Press conference HERE

Individual members of NPRAG have supported the cause by writing to and having letters published in the local press, making submissions to the Department of Planning & Environment, attending media events and our meetings providing valuable input.

Our current campaign seeks to:

* Press Pause on UrbanGrowth NSW’s proposal currently that was approved by  Department of Planning & Environment in November 2015.

* Obtain appropriate time for genuine, expert and independent consultation and to facilitate a forum that freely explores an alternative vision for the site that retains it in public ownership. In relation to the latter, NPRAG hosted the  Fleet Street Heritage Precinct Symposium on Monday, October 12. Visit the Symposium page of this website.

* Continue to lobby for support across the political, public and business spectrum for creating a world class cultural, educational and tourism focused precinct that will provide ongoing social and economic benefits for our city.

If you would like to become involved, our next Members’ Meeting is:

Wednesday 12th April at 7pm, Burnside Primary School Hall, 1 Mason Drive North Parramatta

The Association’s Committee


16142936_10210439636361277_6023450874805384316_nSuzette’s background is in the Design and Construction industry as a senior project manager for corporate and government clients in Sydney as well as large industrial projects for the Department of Defence. This has afforded her a wide experience of stakeholder engagement in project design and delivery outcomes. She also spent several years in Ireland working to deliver the national roll out and implementation of digital radiology systems within the public hospital system. Suzette is the third generation of her family from Parramatta, and has a close connection to its parklands, people and its rich cultural past. She still lives in the area with her young family. Architecture and history in her community, and indeed the world, is her passion. Making sure it remains in public hands for future generations to enjoy is paramount.

Suzette is also a committee member of the Parramatta City Council Heritage Advisory Committee.

Contact:  smeade@nprag.org  or  0412 990 880


After graduating with an Arts degree from Canberra University (previously known as Canberra College of Advanced Education), Halina returned to Sydney and worked for a major construction company and a large multinational before finding her niche in an IT recruitment company.  As Senior Account Manager, she honed her skills in marketing, recruitment and account management, developing strong relationships with many companies in the financial services industry. Halina grew up in the Parramatta area and attended Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta in the days when the Sisters of Mercy ran the school and taught values by way of example.  It was not uncommon for them to feed and clothe the homeless.  The grace and heritage of the school in itself was a great teacher and linked the past with the present and offered girls an educated future.  NPRAG’s vision to see Australia’s national heritage preserved and a cultural precinct developed will help educate future generations in fundamental values. Having recently retired from the corporate world, Halina is keen to put her energies into serving the Parramatta community and assisting in preserving Australia’s National Heritage.