O’Connell Street Site back on Public Housing Agenda

Last Monday Brad Hazzard announced that the site on Albert & O’Connell Street will become affordable housing…….. Hmmmmm wasn’t this site part of UGNSW development?

Some of you may recall that this was a battle with residents in 2009 to stop this block proposal to become 195 one bedroom affordable housing units. In fact Dr Geoff Lee helped the community stop the development.

Then in 2012/2013 Landcom that later become Urban Growth NSW marked this site as part of their new housing development ‘parramatta north’ of 6500 apartments from the other side of the Gaol to the Parramatta Female Factory.

Then in late 2015 the Albert & OConnell Street site was ‘deferred’ from the rezoning proposal by Urban Growth. We had been advised by informants that the Aged Care facilities had 10 years remaining on their lease so UGNSW had put this area off their plans. You will notice on the map that only the old school grounds are highlighted for this project with the aged care facilities on the Fleet Street side are left.

Expressions of Interest for developers are now being called for…… feel free to contact Geoff Lee and ask him what is going on his details are parramatta@parliament.nsw.gov.au



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